Entering a new phase in your life?

Your Home, Your Life


As your West Michigan real estate agent, Cindy Lu Nelson of Apex Realty passionately represents you throughout the buying process. Whether a first time home buyer or life transition buyer needing to upsize or downsize, Cindy sees her role as a consultant and advisor, choosing not to act as a dual-agent. She will spend time learning your likes and dislikes to find your perfect home. To her a home reflects the person; therefore, the location must match your lifestyle, personality and needs.

What you will receive:

  • Access to Cindy throughout your real estate purchase
  • Professional negotiation on the your behalf
  • Access to qualified inspectors, contractors, financial advisors and title support

Additional Buyer’s Information

Buyer's Agents Have Your Back

Value equals Loving your home

Considering, a home is sometimes the largest purchase you will ever make; having a buyer’s agent representing you will have your best interest in mind. As a buyer’s agent, Cindy Lu Nelson acts solely on your behalf. Information you share with her under contract remains confidential. It also means, any known seller information of benefit during the real estate purchase is disclosed. This is important, as it guarantees Cindy Lu Nelson’s negotiations reflect you (the buyer) for the best possible fit at the best possible price.

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Your Lifestyle, Your Home

The perfect home, Express you!

Cindy Lu Nelson believes the place you call home is more than four walls; it’s a reflection of your life and style. By getting to know your likes, dislikes, hobbies, etc., she searches to find the perfect home and location in the Greater Grand Rapids real estate market, close to the amenities to support your lifestyle.

Simply, Cindy’s passion is you, she understands real estate, is more than buying or selling a home, it’s a place to weave your life.

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It’s all possible Realizing your home

For many, buying a home is the largest purchase you will make. To assist you, Cindy Lu Nelson works with select Loan Officers in the West Michigan area. Her stringent criterion means, you’ll have an efficient, knowledgeable and rewarding experience throughout your home purchase. Through her long-standing relationships’ with select financing companies, you’ll receive assistance in:

  • Determining an optimal monthly payment
  • The importance of pre-qualifying
  • How closing costs are calculated
  • Your down payment
  • Personalized service
  • Negotiating the best rate and package on your behalf

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Real Estate Market

Market knowledge, Expertise you can trust

Working directly with Cindy Lu Nelson, you receive more than personalized home selling and buying needs. You receive her expertise in the real estate market. Cindy understands how the economic activity reflects the best time to buy and sell a home and whether real estate is trending in a specific neighborhood, shifting the supply and demand. This demonstrates the value of working with a real estate agent Cindy Lu Nelson in Greater Grand Rapids.  Two lawn chairs

Reasons Why To Buy Now

Investing in your future

Home affordability
Contrary to popular belief now is a time to buy a home. Home Affordability, measured using the medium mortgage payment on the medium priced home, as a percentage of the medium household income. Currently, this indicates home affordability is the best it’s been in two decades.
Low mortgage rates
Mortgages rates are the lowest in three decades, but they won’t stay here forever. The current national average on a 30 year fixed rate is 4.34% down from last year’s average rate of 5.15 percent. This explains why the medium priced home in Grand Rapids, MI’s monthly payment is down $63 translating to a savings over the course of the loan of $22,584.
Sellers Market
Contrary to the national average which indicates it is a buyer’s market that is not so in Grand Rapids, MI. In GRAR’s monthly market update, released in April 2012 the market is tipped in favor of sellers with only 3.7 months of inventory, down from 3.9 months in March. What this translates to, states Cindy Lu Nelson, is buyers must act quickly when they find a house they love or risk losing it.
Living the American Dream
It turns out American’s of all backgrounds aspire to own a home. In Fannie Mae’s quarterly survey, they confirmed most American’s prefer owning a home, to renting for financial stability and wealth building. Other motivations are non-financial factors, with those surveyed stating, safety and quality of schools an important reason for buying a home. Indicating, the value people place on their living environment and the lifestyle they lead, states Cindy Lu Nelson.
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